logoneanFIRST NEANEDRTALCZYKA CENTRE is a unique place, which mingles ancient human fate with the latest discoveries of modern science. It was established in cooperation with the Association of Polish Scientific Archaeologists at the National Archaeological Museum in Warsaw.  
It combines the objectives of integration, education and upbringing, teaching prosocial behavior. Students of all ages can learn about their roots, and thus to understand the world around them.

Neanderthals once considered for the dull brutes. Still calling someone a Neanderthal will be considered an insult. Meanwhile, those indigenous Europeans had brains larger than ours and for over 200 000 years developed its rich culture under conditions that today to label extreme. At the same time hunting the mammoth, woolly rhinoceros and required courage and excellent organization. Our knowledge of Neanderthals is the result of over 150 years of research. Scientists patient consist in whole pieces of the puzzle, revealing more secrets. In light of recent genetic studies ancient DNA failed to include determine the degree of relationship between Neanderthals and modern humans. Learn more by visiting The first Neanderthal Center. Welcome!

What you see on the show?

  • Life-size replica of a mammoth (1: 1) measuring 6 meters long and 3.5 meters high
  • Multimedia presentations and videos available through DISCOVERY
  • Replicas of the original human skulls
  • 3D Hologram Neanderthal skull
  • staging hunting and everyday life

On site we encourage you to take pictures of memorial, to face the Bears cave and hunt for souvenirs in the shop company.

What did you find out?

Living in the ice age was not easy, but Neanderthals were well adept to the cold climate and the dangers of the world thousands of years ago. Four thematic conference will introduce the history and fate of Neanderthal man answering the following questions:
where we came from, how he lived and hunted Neanderthal, and whether extinct. With shared by the Institute of German Max Palncka the latest results of DNA testing, we'll find out whether and to what extent we are related with Neanderthal man.










Learn more about the latest discoveries

View photos of Center Neanderthal!

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Centrum Neandertalczyka w Jaskini Raj 


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Pierwsze Centrum Neandertalczyka
ul. Dobrzączka, 26-060 Chęciny

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